Barron's 5 of the Best Books on ESG and Impact Investing

"Reading Firpo’s book will educate, engage, and empower, whether you’re putting a toe in the water (1% ESG), running a head-to-head portfolio (50% ESG), or diving into the deep end of a truly focused portfolio (100% ESG)."

Take Back Retirement Podcast - Strategies to Move Toward True Values-Alignment with Your Money

Stephanie McCullough and Kevin Gaines hosted Invest for Better Co-Founder and author Janine Firpo on their Take Back Retirement podcast. They spoke about why impact investing matters and how you can start moving your portfolio into alignment with your values.

Wealth Podcast - Book Club featuring Janine Firpo

George Grombacher asked Invest for Better Co-founder and author, Janine Firpo on his LifeBlood podcast and spoke to her about her personal life, her work, and why she put pen to paper to write her book, “Activate Your Money”.

Legit Chix Episode 27 - Janine Firpo, Author, Investor & Social Innovator

In this podcast episode, Janine Firpo, Invest for Better Co-Founder and author of “Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World,” speaks with the women of LegitChix about transforming the relationship that women have with their money and breaking the taboos related to their financial empowerment.

Seattle Angel Conference: “Angels from Venus” Panel Discussion

In this conference, Invest for Better Co-Founder and author of “Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World,” Janine Firpo discusses her experience with value-aligned investing and specifically speaks about becoming an angel investor. 

Veris Wealth Partners: Women, Wealth & Impact

Growing the number of impact investors working to address the world’s most pressing problems has long been part of Veris Wealth Partners’ vision and mission. Co-Founders Janine Firpo and Ellen Remmer were asked questions about Invest for Better and their approach to growing an impact movement focused on empowering women investors.

Theodora Speaks - Reinventing Yourself to Align to Your Values and Investment Portfolio

Author Janine Firpo left a 35+ year career in technology and international development to focus on how women can create a more just and equitable society through their financial investments. She adds angel investor and social entrepreneur to her list of career reinventions.

ASBN: Activate Your Money | Session 3: Innovate Your Philanthropy

This session will unveil real-world experiences of innovators who are using their DAF assets to provide deeper impact and value. It will also showcase a few of the most innovative service providers who are making it easier for all of us to invest our values.

ASBN: Activate Your Money | Session 2: Integrating Values Across Your Portfolio

Social Venture Circle and the American Sustainable Business Council present Integrating Values Across Your Portfolio, part of a 3-part webinar series led by Janine Firpo, co-founder of Invest for Better and author of “Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World.”

Book Passages: Janine Firpo with Tanja Hester - Activate Your Money

In Activate Your Money, Janine Firpo provides the foundational support women need to talk to each other about their money, invest to grow their wealth, and to take the actions required to shift their assets into alignment with their values.

Zebras Unite: Invest for Better: Putting Your Money to Work for You and the World

In this workshop, Janine explains how you can take action to move all of your assets in alignment with your values – even if all you have to invest is the money in your savings and checking accounts.

Lebec Consulting: Interview with Janine Firpo & Ellen Remmer | Women We've Been Waiting For

Janine Firpo and Ellen Remmer are Co-Founders of Invest for Better. Janine is a values-aligned investor, angel investor, and social innovator who’s focused on how women can create a more just and equitable society through their financial investments.

Equity Trust: Women and Values-Aligned Investing with Janine Firpo

Equity Trust exclusive Interview with values-aligned investor, angel investor, social innovator, and author Janine Firpo.

Inaugural Invest For Better Day Encourages Women to Embetter Communities

Ellen Remmer and Janine Firpo’s collaboration, Invest for Better, is celebrating its official launch month with the newly established “Invest for Better Day” to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Capital Musings: Activate Your Money: How Women Can Take Control of Their Wealth

Author Janine Firpo discusses her varied career in tech, microfinance and international development and explains how her new book Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World lays out a road map for women to empower themselves. 

Top 21 Impact and ESG Investing Books You Should Read

Janine Firpo is an impact investor who supports women-led businesses. She has previously worked for the World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her new book, Activate Your Money, is a women-centric introduction to socially responsible investing. 

LIFT Economy– Janine Firpo: Activate Your Money

The rising tide of women in the world of investing has already been shown to be facilitating positive results. Our guest today is Janine Firpo, a champion of this wave, and an individual who is staunchly committed to transformation in the financial sector and beyond.

Janine Firpo on 'So Money with Farnoosh Torabi'

Guest Janine Firpo brings advice on how to create a values-driven investment strategy. She is a seasoned values-aligned investor and social innovator, with a long history of working at the intersection of women and their money. Her book, Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World, was a collaborative effort with almost 150 women.

Getting the Most Out of Every Dollar, with Janine Firpo

In this episode of the Money Tales Podcasts, our guest is Janine Firpo. On her way to getting her Ph.D. in marine biology, Janine realized how capped her earnings potential would be. Pivoting into computer science, she earned enough to fund her true passion of helping others rise up.

Activate Your Money Carofin Interview

This is an interview by Nash Roberts, Carofin’s Vice President of Sales and Syndication, with Janine Firpo, author of “Activate Your Money” and investor in Carofin offerings. In it, Janine shares her ongoing personal journey to align her investment portfolio with her values and make a difference in this world.

Berkeley City Club: A New Approach to Investing for Women

In an illustrated talk, Janine Firpo explains how all of us can use our money to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable economy. Janine’s brand new book, Activate Your Money: Invest To Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World is designed to empower women, not only to become more skilled investors but also to leverage their money to improve society.

Rich & Resilient Living: Activate Your Money with Janine Firpo

Want to harness the power of your dollars to build wealth and bring about the change you want to see in the world, but not sure where to start? Janine Firpo’s new book Activate Your Money: Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World may be the resource you’ve been waiting for.

WBC Rethink Panel

Author Janine Firpo is featured in Catalyzing the Future discussing Women’s Leadership in Business.

'Activate Your Money' Virtual Book Launch

In this ‘Activate Your Money’ Book Launch Webinar, listen to the stories of women share their thoughts and excitement for the release of Janine Firpo’s book.

KTLA5 4 Tips For How Women Can Start Building Their Wealth From Janine Firpo

Author and financial expert Janine Firpo joined the KTLA 5 News on Tuesday to share tips for how women can start building their wealth.

Suzanne Biegel Review: Great New Books to Support Your Gender Lens Investing Journey

Janine is another very active impact investor, a fellow member of Next Wave Impact, and a passionate field builder. She wrote this book in partnership with more than 150 people, with the goal of helping women.

Money for the Rest of Us: Climate Change, ESG, and What Should Investors Do?

How businesses, households, governments, asset managers, and investors interact in unpredictable ways to address the risks and opportunities related to climate change and other global trends. Why ESG investing goes beyond just buying an ESG fund or ETF.

Client Highlight: Interview with Janine Firpo, Board Member of Zebras Unite

Janine Firpo is a values-aligned investor, angel investor, and social innovator who is on the Board of Directors of Zebras Unite. Zebras Unite is a community of entrepreneurs, investors and allies dedicated to building companies that balance both profit and purpose. 

Beyond Listening: Shifting Our Stories Around Wealth with Janine Firpo

Join Adam & Miriam on their podcasting journey as they interview guest Janine Firpo on stories about wealth. 

UpJourney: Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before Hiring

Janine Firpo is featured in ‘Good Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before Hiring’

Thrive Global: Janine Firpo: Make this Your Mantra

Make “You got this!” your mantra. Only when we believe in ourselves and our abilities can we make the rest of the world believe in us too. You do not have to be perfect or the perfect expert before you step into a challenge. All you have to do is to have faith in yourself.

Big Girl Money: Investing 101 - Fun with Your Finances

This episode features seasoned investor and social innovator, Janine Firpo! Janine left a long career that included senior positions at Hewlett-Packard, the World Bank, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to focus on the potential women have to change the world through their investments. 

Line of Sight: Building a Better World with Janine Firpo

Janine Firpo joins Brigit and Don as they explore prominent topics from her book, Activate Your Money – Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World, such as the fulfillment of investing in value-aligned companies, societal benefits and the feasibility of impact investing.

Invest for Better: The Seven Attributes of a Values-Aligned Advisor

We are excited to share this first post, excerpted from Janine Firpo’s forthcoming book, Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Values and Build A Better World (Wiley 2021).  It recommends key characteristics of an advisor who will put your values and interests first.

Oaklandside: When Women Lose, We All Lose

Supporting mission-aligned banks can help create economic opportunity for women in Oakland.

CNote Change Makers Interview: Janine Firpo

Janine Firpo is an author and speaker who spent more than 20 years in executive roles at Hewlett-Packard, the World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and more. She is a values-aligned investor in companies that make the world a better place and is passionate about teaching women to learn how to invest their own money. 

Authority Magazine: Why We Need More Women Founders & Here is What We Are Doing to Make that Happen

Janine Firpo values-aligned investor in companies that make the world a better place and is passionate about teaching women to learn how to invest their own money.

Nurses on Fire: This Nurse is Growing Her Wealth to Build a Better World

The company Janine founded, SEMBA, will create a community for women looking to take control of their money, build their confidence as investors, and put their assets to work creating a better world.

On the Brink: It’s Time to Help Women Invest for Sustainable Growth

Janine is on a personal mission to empower others, particularly women, to understand how to manage their money, invest in what they care about, and make substantial returns on their purpose-driven investment decisions.

Wealth Management: My Life as a Client: A Patchwork of Advisors

A lot can be learned listening to clients’ experiences working with financial advisors—good and bad. We talked to Janine Firpo, a retired international development executive in Oakland, Calif.

Rethink Real Estate For Good: She is All In

My guest today is Janine Firpo. Janine is a writer, values-aligned investor and entrepreneur. Janine’s background is fascinating. She left a career in the tech world many years ago to pursue a more meaningful work experience. 

Impact Assests: Janine Firpo Feature

As I go further down the path as an impact investor, I’m becoming more focused and specific about the impact I’m interested in achieving. My priorities are supporting women, social equity and fixing the environment.

EINPresswire: Janine Firpo Authors "Activate Your Money" and Launches SEMBA

Making a difference in the world has been Janine Firpo’s personal mission. However, as she climbed the corporate ladder at companies such as Apple, HP and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Janine Firpo—It's Time To Help Women Invest For Sustainable Growth

Janine is on a personal mission to empower others, particularly women, to understand how to manage their money, invest in what they care about, and make substantial returns on their purpose-driven investment decisions.