Rich & Resilient Living: Activate Your Money with Janine Firpo

Want to harness the power of your dollars to build wealth and bring about the change you want to see in the world, but not sure where to start? Janine Firpo’s new book Activate Your Money: Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World may be the resource you’ve been waiting for. Janine wrote the book to empower women to grow their money while serving their communities, supporting other women, and improving the world by investing in what matters to them. Men of course can benefit as well from the resources gathered in this book.

I’m particularly excited about this book because now I can say I’m a published author – sort of – which is a good thing because my own book I’m working on is languishing in my Google Drive as I continue to get distracted by other tasks, the beautiful weather, and truth be told a disdain for writing long texts (kind of ironic for a blogger). Almost one hundred fifty women (and a few men) contributed to Activate Your Money, including me. I submitted information on self-directed retirement accounts because I find them to be a particularly effective way to invest my money in the more socially conscious investments percolating outside Wall Street.