Learn how to make money investing in the things you care about All of the women in my new book,”Rethink: Smashing The Myths of Women in Business,” inspire me. They are all strong, bold trailblazers who overcame endless hurdles, regardless of the industry they were in or the field they were pursuing. One of these women, Janine Firpo, is the guest of this podcast. I wanted you to hear her talk about her passion and her purpose. When you read her chapter in my book, you will learn how her personal story set the stage for what we discuss today.

Janine is on a personal mission to empower others, particularly women, to understand how to manage their money, invest in what they care about, and make substantial returns on their purpose-driven investment decisions. All of us really need to hear this interview! Watch and listen to our conversation When women take control of their money, they can to change the world As Janine so aptly puts it, “Where we choose to put our money matters. Whether it’s parked in a savings account at a big bank or sits in the stock market, what your money is funding may shock you—and not paying attention isn’t an option anymore.”